My research is broadly focused on the connections between stars and the planets they host. I am an expert in high-precision optical spectroscopy of Sun-like stars. I've also discovered several exoplanets through the radial velocity technique.

I am interested in data-driven techniques for the discovery and characterization of exoplanets. I work with data from ground-based spectrographs including HARPS and HIRES as well as space missions like TESS and Gaia. I am currently a member of the Terra Hunting Experiment consortium as well as the Keck Planet Finder science team.

I strongly support open science and love collaborating broadly. To this end, I produce open-source software (e.g. wobble, an implementation of my novel data-driven method for radial velocity measurements) and run interactive workshops and hack weeks (e.g. Telluric Line Hack Week and the workshop series).